The worst thing that can possibly happen when you clean stones is that you lose them! So, always use a bowl of water and not the sink! If you feel that you must put the bowl in the sink then make sure that you put the plug in first
Before you start to clean the gemstone make sure that it is secure in its claw mounting. You can check this by holding the item of jewellery in one hand and then just use a fingernail to push the stone gently. If it moves then take it to a jeweller and have it repaired
Please contact us for more details.
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Alexandrite Amethyst Ametrine Apatite
Aquamarine Beryl Blue Sapphire Cat's eye
Citrine Emerald Florite Garnet
Green Tourmaline Hessonite Hessonite Iolite
Kunzite Kyanite Labradorite Moonstone
Morganite Paraiba Tourmaline Peridot Quartz
Rhodolite Ruby Ruby Cabs Spinal
Sunstone Tanzanite Topaz Tsavorite
Yellow Sapphire